If you are a sensitive creative, you might feel a deep longing to express your creativity. But you may also feel stuck in actually giving voice to it. Maybe, you are a writer who is trying to give form to the story embedded in your soul. Or another kind of artist who feels unsure & frightened of revealing their vulnerable self to the world.

If you’re looking for a nurturing space to hold your energy & kindle your creativity, you might enjoy this ONLINE retreat I’m teaching at, happening this September 10–12. REGISTER HERE. More Details Below.

This is a retreat all about creativity!

It features 6…

I will be back at the wonderful East West Bookshop on Friday, July 9 in an ONLINE Zoom event on energetic boundaries for sensitives. In our culture, we often talk about setting psychological boundaries. But energetic boundaries are just as important. If we can’t energetically feel where we end & the other person begins, it can be really hard to say no EVEN IF we intellectually understand what our boundaries “should” be.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by other people’s expectations OR if their anger or worry almost jump out at you & almost mix with your own feelings…

3 Things about being a Highly Sensitive INFP that might Help You.

A lot of highly sensitive people are INFP and INFJ personality types. This post is for all you kindred spirits out there who feel like they are a walking contradiction. As a sensitive, creative INFP, these are a few of the things I have learned about my own confusing, bewildering, sensitive self.

They might help you as well. So, here we go!

Throwing our hat over the fence and burning some bridges can be good for highly sensitive INFPs.

As a multipassionate creative person, I spent my 20s going back and forth between what art form I wanted to commit to.I loved to dance, do photography and write. How could I choose among them? Choosing felt like…

In my last Medium post, I wrote about the two kinds of writers inside me — The Thinker and The Tinkerer.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

The Thinker is exactly like that namesake Rodin statue.

The Thinker LOVES to think, loves going deep, loves to turn a problem on its sides. She is like a monk. She can spend hours contemplating, deepening thought, practicing writing as a way to touch something deeper.

Then, there is The Tinkerer.

The Tinkerer LOVES to experiment and tinker around just as much as The Thinker loves to think and research. She loves to play! …

The Two Kinds of Writers — The Thinker and The Tinkerer.

I have two kinds of writers inside me — The Thinker and The Tinkerer.

The Thinker LOVES to think, loves to dig deep, loves to mine for the vein of gold. She is a bit like a monk. She can spend hours by herself, turning ideas around in her head and deepening them.

Rodin’s famous sculpture The Thinker comes to mind when I think about her.

She is the writer inside me that wrote my book The Empath’s Journey. I worked on it for over two years. I did more than 14 drafts. After a while, I just stopped counting.

Are you writing your first book and feeling like you are walking into a dead-end with it?

Are you writing your first book & feeling like you are walking into a dead-end? Everything was going great for a while. In fact, the writing was flowing. It was moving, and you were dancing with it. But now, this whole writing-a-book business feels like a tangled-up ball of yarn that you just can’t untangle. Now, you are feeling as if you have made a mistake. You have run smack into a wall.

Are you destined to feeling resistant? Are you destined to not finishing this overwhelming task of writing your book?

The answer to both these questions is an…

How listening to your dreams can help improve your writing process.

I am working on my next book and was feeling frustrated at how slow I’ve been going recently. I admit I have also been trying to force myself forward. But then, recently, something happened that shifted my perspective.

One morning, I woke up from a dream with a very clear image in my head of a hen sitting on top of an egg. I didn’t remember anything about the dream except this “after-image.” But it was so clear that I realized that that is what I was doing.

I was incubating the rest of my book.

I was not stuck…

7 Ways to Bring More Creativity into Your Life.

Each and every one of us is creative. As children, we all drew, read books, painted, puttered around with science projects, dreamed of being astronomers, and whatnot. We didn’t have to be a specialist or serious or get better at things or “improve our skills.” We could just PLAY.

We could dabble in things and just feel happy! And that was enough. Here are a few ideas about how to invite a little more creativity into our day-to-day lives.

What was a toy/experience you couldn’t get as a child? Get that!

As a kid, I remember my sister getting these big tubs of modeling clay to play with. They were like this…

How to Stop Being “Too Nice”

I am a recovering nice person. I say that only half-jokingly because being “too nice” can definitely be an addiction. Over the past several years, I have dismantled a lot of my “too nice.” I still have a way to go but I thought I would do a post with some ideas about how to be a little less “nice” and a little more authentic.

So, what’s the problem with “nice,” you might ask.

Being “Too Nice” Invites Disrespect and Condones Boundary Breakers.

Well, nice manners or being thoughtful are, of course, good things. But “nice” often involves a lack of choice. …

INFP Writers, Throw your Hat Over the Fence!

If you are an INFP writer or creative, you probably have lots of ideas. That’s the INFP extroverted intuition at work, creating reams and reams of possibilities. On the one hand, this is wonderful! You have access to a form of creativity that doesn’t come easily to many people.

On the other hand, there’s definitely a downside to extroverted intuition as well. It keeps opening up new diverging paths and can leave us paralyzed as INFP writers and creatives.

As an INFP writer, it’s easy to feel paralyzed by choice.

Should I choose this idea or that? Should I follow this path or that? Which is the better idea? …

Ritu Kaushal

Author of The Empath’s Journey. Silver Medal Awardee at the Rex Awards, co-presented by the United Nations. Writing Coach. www.walkingthroughtransitions.com

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